Moodintrigo is Francesco Scazzeri and Elisabetta Lovece's club-oriented live set, with a bursting, energetic sound and a touch of introspection and elegance that incorporate not only techno and house music but a wide variety of styles and genre mixes dictated by their experience over the years as musicians, Francesco as a guitarist, Elisabetta as a singer and keyboard player, in genres such as jazz, fusion, rock and krautrock. Already approaching fusion, they start to feel the need to insert some synthesizers into their sound, and it was by listening to krautrock and artists like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze that the project took a definitive turn towards electronic music. Their first album, Xanaboo, released in 2021 is an 8-track concept that tells a story set within' the walls of the medieval bourgeoisie. The collaboration with DJ Kadosh gives life in 2022 to Never Too Late, a song signed by MoBlack Records. Their latest production, Blue Mood, was released in 2023 by Underher's label, Iamher, in the VA "Running Wild 002”.

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